Teaching and Workshops

By teaching, Sayoko Onishi uses a method in order to find inner sensation as a process of physical expression by using techniques of Butoh, Chigong, Taichi Chuan, Oki-do-yoga.

The aim is to found the individual expression of the person.

Teaching and workshops program:


  • Breathing exercices
  • Energy training
  • Stretching
  • Posturing

Butoh exercises

  • Physical training
  • Division of body
  • Physical sensibility
  • Imaginary work

Improvisation with images: use freely techniques of Butoh to discover his individual expression.

Photos: Umberto Dolcini
Published on the book "L’Arte dell’Improvvisazione”, Volume 2 of the Hangartfest Book (Editions Nuove Catarsi / Proartis)
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