La primavera siciliana

Sayoko Onishi

Sicilian Spring

During spring time imagines of the past come to my mind. I start thinking on how the present is dominated by its past and subsequently alters my thoughts. Given this inner power the old personalities in me start to relive while dancing. But then all these personalities scatter while dancing, not knowing anymore who of them leads the dance. This choreography won the First prize in Die Platze contemporary Dance Festival in Tokyo in 2006. This dance is characterized by the use of a two-faced mask that symbolizes the various personalities. Duration: 30'

Direction and choreography: Sayoko Onishi, dancer: Sayoko Onishi, mask and costume: Mity Manzella, music: Antonio Leto, supervision: Hironobu Oikawa.

See the video Sicilian Spring (Primavera Siciliana) here (Youtube).