Vu, revu & transformé

MA3 [Move Art Three]

Butoh dance, live video & mapping, sound staging

[Cross-border project co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)]

MA3 [Move Art Three] are Emmanuel Fleitz (music), Sayoko Onishi (dance), Paul Schumacher (video).

Vu, revu & transformé (Seen, reviewed and transformed) is a poetic and energetic spectacle, punctuated by a double bass with organic accents, a shocking dance and singular visual projections.

An amazing and catchy performance that lives, moves and dances in spaces chosen for new stories.

Seen, revised & transformed is a creation in movement that is built here and now, according to spaces and situations. Action of memory, repeated gesture, printed, filmed, interacting with the sound universe.

To want to be reassured in the gestures of everyday life, you end up enjoying it. And yet life, our emotions, external influences, focus will transform the present material.

In a world in perpetual mutations and crises, performance raises the question of the habit of gesture and the gaze on our actions. How do we individually and collectively take the liberty of opening ourselves to new paths? With strength and pleasure.

Visit here the french version of this presentation on Man'ok website.