Eudoxie X


The Phantom of Eudoxia reappears from her destroyed village, lost in an empty place, she no longer has a past.

The ruins are no longer there. More trees. No more stones. No more tiles. No more debris. And no one left to tell Eudoxie his forgotten story. The absence. The darkness surrounds him. It's an impossible reconstruction. All she has left is life, buried in her deepest intimacy. Slowly, her body comes to life... to feel a hand searching, a material reminds her... Pierre? Earth? Root? The light is slowly coming on.

In the middle of an erased memory, bits of images burst out, as precise as they are incoherent. The sounds buzz, melodies wake up, remind Eudoxie of magnificent memories, but somewhere...
... fear is there, always present.

With the support of SPEDIDAM and Mission centenaire 1914-1918.