Eden #3

MA2 [Move Art Two]

Eden #3 is a multiple, repeated history, with its variations, but always identical. The scenes follow one another, without a point, continuous. The same material, worked endlessly: the body, sometimes denuded, sexed, stained, free. Somewhere, pleasure; A small revolt ...

In Eden #3, there is talk of continuous experiences on the sensation of sexuality. Personality does not exist, but remains sensation. Dig all sources from within: violence, power games, wounds, pain, blood, caresses, ecstasy, dirt. Of appearance and flesh. On the border between life and death.

But infinite sexual activity makes us lose the sense of life and death.

─ Is it to dig deeply to find the purpose of sexuality, to reach the essence of our presence?
─ Yes. But there is no background! And the action continues. Continue, continue, unlimited. No philosophy can write the why. There is just a circulation of sexual energy in extreme circumstances. War, the desert, the flowering ... This is how Pierre Guyotat goes around the infinite.
─ Is it a cosmic mechanism?
─ There is nothing, nothing that can be rationalized.

"And now we are no longer slaves. " (Pierre Guyotat)

MA2 [Move Art Two] are Emmanuel fleitz (music) and Sayoko Onishi (dance).

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